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egyptsn't killed in protests as a judge condemned 21 rioters to death. unrest across egypt. emergency powers are trying to stop the violence. you are watching al jazeera live. also coming up, up front led forces in molly retake a key rebel stronghold. four days of talks by more than a thousand delegates. what has really been achieved at the world economic forum in
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davos. sweet sounds of the underground. how this orchestra was assembled from strangers on london's mass transit system. >> welcome to the program. 30 people have died during protests in the egyptian city of port siad. troops have been sent to try to restore order. it broke up after 61 people were given a death sentence for their roles in the riots. the sentences were handed down in the capital of cairo. their protests with clashes. it's in suez, and people have been killed to mark the second anniversary of the overthrow of hosni mubarak.
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perce this report from cairo. >> the death sentences were greeted with elation. that is what they wanted. the opposite reaction in were defendants are being held. those sentenced to death our followers are the local club appeared their fellow supporters took to the st. in in europe. attempt to storm the prison were in force in clouds of tear gas and gunfire. protesters and police were killed and dozens of others wounded. bac in cairo, it the fans of al- ahly gathered jubilantly in the
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stadium. some continue to insist the killings had a political dimension. >> we were among the first to support the revolution. we fought against mubarak and then against others. this was an act of retaliation by ministry forces because of this. amid the celebration one fundamental remains on answered. was there a conspiracy? to what degree can accountability be attached to the body in power at the time of the killings, the supreme consulates of armed forces. >> the reasons for the judgment, the remaining 52 defendants are still to be sentenced. the judges work is far from over. at nightfall, more punishment
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being given. police are at the very great region are at the barricade -- police are at the barricade. it is a sign of a society on edge. al jazeera, cairo. >> for more we are joined by rahway reggae. an extraordinary day of crossed egypt. what is it like now? >> the army is trying to bring order outside the main prison were many are facing very little success with ongoing gunfire. there using live ammunition and shooting at the police and military force at the scene.
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in the meantime, the military has sent an aircraft that has managed to transfer 21 critical injuries to military hospitals in cairo. 30 were killed today. 300 were injured in some parts of the city. people remain quite angry here. they are upset at the harsh verdict. they are upset at the late arrival of the military and upset at the random lawlessness across the city for the past two years. it has led to these violent clashes. >> thank you. as we reported earlier there have been protests in suez after security forces killed 10 people on friday. the victim's family have been voicing their anger. dozens of protesters joined them
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and threw petrol bombs and stones. >> another chaotic day here in suez. nothing like the violence we saw overnight on friday when nine civilians were killed n clashes with the police. funerals were held earlier on for this nine civilians. hundreds of people at a ended those is vera's very angry. the anger is directed at the police. this all the clouds -- they sold out. 500 soldiers have been deployed. public institutions there are personnel carriers. we saw a lot of angry people heading from the funeral marches to the security building in suez. they set fire to it by throwing firebombs and in side. we get the military personnel
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running from the building. everything is calm and the city at suez. it is still very tense after 48 hours now of sporadic clashes and violence. >> there is a lot more on that story at our web sites. he can find the latest on the story and our correspondent in cairo. soldiers led by the french in mali have recaptured. they seize the only bridge leading to the city. they then took control of the international airport. al qaeda link to out tid
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happening to the city. hundreds of thousands of malians are fleeing the north. the u.n. is set -- @ -- expect 700,000 will be displaced by the fighting. >> refugees are rirrived with a steadily increase of french and afghan troops. >> weeks the because the danger is everywhere. we do we explain it because the danger is everywhere. we did not want to get caught in the crossfire. as the conflict intensifies, hundreds are crossing in here every day.
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most of the refugees are one in the main aetna group. he is a chief. he says so far people have been targeted most of the alliance team. >> most people on my team but and white fled. i had to flee as well. >> this is the main town. it is almost deserted. these pictures were taken moments before he left. it is a reminder of what is in the town. rebels are said to have led too.
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their hopes for rolling mali's north. it pays little talk about politics. many are still traumatized. al jazeera, malian border. >> in syria, activists say government forces are shelling more on the capital damascus. activists also posted this video online of rebels of having regime troops in a prison. rebels have read more than 80 inmates. an iranian official said an attack on syria is considered an attack on iran. patriot missile battles could spark a broader conflict. turkey and nato stressed the system is particularly defensive.
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>> these batteries are designed to intercept missiles and the threats comes from syria. this is one of three areas. turkey and nato officials have repeatedly said the missiles will in no way be used for an offensive operation or to support a no-fly zone. >> it is pretty obvious that the defensive systems are only for defensive purposes want you look -- want to look at their location. >> and it just as the deployment will contribute to the deal escalation of the prices along the border. russia and iran have said the deployment could spark a broader conflict. >> turkey requested the misfiles
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after several incidences. those exchanges and bald artillery shells and small arms fire, not just for misfiles. >> there is no acute threat. moralistic misfiles have been used. if they are being used on turkish territory, we're able to apprehend them. >> they have no intention of military intervention. the threat is still there. >> more to come including why the iraqi prime minister will not be allowed to run for another term in office. >>
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at a reminder of the top stories. 30 people have been killed during unrests. violence broke out as 21 people were sentenced for their role in last year's riots. soldiers have reportedly recaptured the neville store mall. earlier it bases the only bridge leading to the city across the riegger -- river. hey have shown rebel fighters. iraq's parliament has passed a new law which will limit the prime minister's time to two terms. it means that the current leader will not be eligible to
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run for a third term. iraq is due to hold general elections next year. they said they will appeal the legislation the change to the law was made while the opposition grows. a sniper can from two soldiers on saturday. for several weeks protesters have been demonstrating against what they saw as the secretary of policies. six people were killed while trying to march through the city. >> protesters burning tires what the main highway from iraq to jordan saying they would stay there until their demands were met. they later dissipated. they come from a funeral of six protesters who were killed by iraqi soldiers.
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they're saying they're being discriminated against in this country. to iraqi soldiers were shot dead at a checkpoint. they say they have withdrawn collusion and have given a over to the federal police. that is meant by a political crisis in baghdad. the parliament on saturday passed a law saying that any prime minister cannot run for a third term in and he cannot run a term for elections next year. the prime minister's office a that is unconstitutional. it may appeal to the supreme court. the city again came was it included a lot. brett has shown an amazing ability to withstand crisis for this combination of political crisis in bad debt and unrest on the crown. many people can lead to the unraveling of the government.
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>> knew the 70,000 are homeless. days of -- nearly 70,000 homeless. there inundating towns and villages. the trouble to one of the worst areas. this is one of the situations people are waiting to see. you how high the water levels as at the moment. some of them at the other belongings up on the rough. they were afraid if they go someone will come and fill the many people have left this town. people were waiting until it was safe enough to come back here. in the heat treating it could get worse. the death toll could rise.
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>> a group of computer hackers claim to have attacked the u.s. department of justice's website. in a video, they criticize the government's prosecution of computer prodigy aaron swartz who recently committed suicide. the fbi is investigating the hacking. dozens of people in venezuela had been killed during a prison riot. the attack national guard soldiers when they tried to carry out an inspection. >> family members as some of the as well oppose of prisoners gathered outside to find out if their loved ones are dead or alive. it soon became clear that doesn't have been killed. -- doesn't have been killed. >> 25 have come in and 25 are still more at the agency.
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>> is another prison massacre. >> i am english. my son is in prison there. the prison is irresponsible. we are worried because we do not know anything about our loved ones. >> the violence broke out as guards tried to confiscate weapons from those being held inside in the south of the country. this will oppose the present minister blame local media for broadcasting news. it gave being leaders time to prepare a response. >> to engineering 26 we're surprised at the vision and the web page announcing a plan of this before it happens. this is what triggered the violence of the prison where gang leaders attacked the national guardsmen resulting in a number of victims. >> this is the latest and jails
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across the country. rights groups have long complained about the state of deals in been as well. overcrowding is a major concern, with most facilities will be up to three times the number of prisoners they were built for. another issue of concern is being sizing for control within prison walls. it is something the opposition says he good job's government has failed to address. hashavez's government failed to address. >> we will continue with plans to not be places for the mafia. we have to do this together. we have supported an immediate investigation into what happened. >> whatever the outcome, this latest incident suggests that the countries and final system is in need of urgent review. al jazeera. >> the world economic forum is wrapping up in the swiss town of
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davos. earlier comment the billionaire investor george soros said that he was not impressed with stimulus uppers to fix the global economy. -- effort to fix the global economy. >> most of the top has been about the global economic malaise. it is the home of the world economic forum based in the height of switzerland and year. the main focus has been on the eurozone and whether or not there are any green shoots of recovery. >> more than 1000 delegates have taught here over the course of five days for the ways to kill them. bill of the dream was resilient dynamism. there is plenty to plenty of resilience a little dynamism the added value is for global leaders from the public and the private side to get together and
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exchange ideas. people come back from here, a batteriesed,, loaded. >> the form called for an unprecedented $14 trillion dollars to make environmentally friendly. without decisive steps to protect the plan, sustainable growth cannot be guaranteed. >> the other big prices is the referendum on the european union and the crisis in the eurozone. it ranged high all week. they set out their visions for economic recovery. >> as my colleague said, competitiveness is the central issue for assuring austerity for your in future. >> the top price ticket is $163,000. did the delegates get that for money that they have access to more than 50 heads of states.
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he promised there would be more extremes of weather because of climate change. they heard from goldman sachs saying the financial crisis is over. we heard from the president of the ecb promised the european recovery would start in the second half of 2013. the promises made, there is a copy that. the prolonged economic malaise is not going the way. the jury is still out whether bailouts are working or not. unemployment is high in many developed countries. loves to work done before da vos climbed the mountain again. >> this has for the moment been averted. some believe they will be a recovery in the second half of 2013. whatever the projections about recovery, there is no doubt that in the short term austerity is
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here to stay. >> recovery may be on the way according to mario draghi. we have been used to hearing nothing but gloom and doom. now looks like there could be a sliver of hope. the waters of the greek island of crete could hold up to $3.50 trillion a cubic meters of natural gas. from athens. >> in greece, good news is hard to come by but the deposits of natural gas and oil that geologists' lie waiting to be found. a report by germany posted a which a bank says that if proven, this could eventually be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. the only energy extraction
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company currently produces just enough oil to stay afloat from a single existing fields in the sea. with help, things could be very different. >> we need oil and gas companies to come to greece to work together with us. we know the country. we know the geology. corporations would be very welcome to open of the parts of greece and hopefully find the big oil and gas fields that will make the difference. >> it is a tantalizing prospect. there's a pay a fortune. it could exist naturally in abundant quantities also been the country's grass. a tantalizing prospect but years away from producing any tangible benefit. >> we will have an indication
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following the explanation. it is off the possible positions, magnitude, constitution. >> fortunes have been made by shipping magnate on the surface of the but decade. what lies beneath could one day make the whole country rich. al jazeera, athens. >> there have been clashes between police and protesters. dozens of people were blocked from reaching the square and made several arrests. the protests were called after police used tear gas and water cannon at a demonstration. the concert will take place tonight performed by an orchestra made up entirely of strangers recruited from the london underground. sean produce hundreds of
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passengers, inviting them to the gate. -- the gig. >> a former worker in london's financial district gave up his job to take on a new challenge. that is assembling an orchestra of random strangers. >> it may sound strange. if i do this, [inaudible] >> he spent hours bleaching in london's to network.
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they slowly assembled a group of like-minded strangers. >> i tried to form the orchestra of strangers. that is bizarre. >> the one thing i know is i am humbled by the amount of people that talked to me when i was a stranger. i have an idea. here it is. >> this is not just about an orchestra of strangers. it is a story about creativity and communities. and a lesson about the power of an idea, even one that is an idea, even one that is
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